From our new parents
Hi Carol, I hope this finds you well! We wanted to reach out to let you
handsome, loving dog, and we have enjoyed every moment with him. Hi
Carol, I hope this finds you well! We wanted to reach out to let you He's
healthy as a horse and is now just about completely potty trained. He's
mastered sit, stay, and come, and he's smart as a whip. We can barely
walk down the street without being mobbed by people who want to pet
him and say hello. We attached some recent photos and videos of him
for you here.  Thank you so much for giving us this precious dog! Best,
Elizabeth and Steven

Dear Carol, I cannot tell you how much we love our puppy Piper. She is
such a funny little clown in full Frenchie style but yet so snuggly and
affectionate. Our experience with you was the best I have ever had with a
breeder, you obviously love and care about your dogs very much. We
are looking forward to many happy years with our young Piper and
talking to you again when the urge strikes us to get yet another one!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.
-Michelle, Golden
Valley, MN

Hi Carol, She is doing great.  We are still working on house breaking.  
Some days she will go all day without an accident and then the next day
she might have as many as 6 or 7.  She walks on a leash now.  She goes
to the nursing home and visits the "old folks" every Sunday.  I don't know
ho enjoys it more, Stella or the residents.  I did almost lose her
yesterday.  My sister in law came to visit from Kansas and fell in love with
Stella.  And Stella being the suck up for love kept going up to her and
putting her paws on Sue's knees for pets.  Sue would say, "See, she
loves me!"  Any my husband, not being a real dog lover would reply,
"yes, she does.  Let me help you get her in your car,"  They were both
teasing.  But Sue really did love Stella.  I have been hinting to my
husband that if Stella is any indication of how good your puppies are, I
would love to have a puppy too.  Hint, hint.  Anytime you are in
Columbia, please stop by and visit with Stella.  
Charlie, Columbia, MO

She's going to be a lap dog whether she likes it or not! She was held all
weekend! Sunday night Maddy fell asleep with her in the crate.  And we
noticed Rosie often sleeps with her tongue sticking out! She's eating,
drinking, peeing and pooping pretty well. We can't believe how well
adjusted she is - to everything - kids, hairdryer, vaccum, etc. and she has
slept through the night each night. And if anyone ever would like a
reference, please don't hesitate to share my information as well. And
don't worry, I won't inundate you with photos every day!
Amy, Austin, TX

Muey is doing super! We lovvvve him so much. Here are some pics of his
first visit to the vet and the girls that loved Mushu and are beside
themselves with Muey. I have one of them come in Three times a week
to play with him when I'm working and to puppy sit. He's getting all of his
vaccinations this coming Thursday as our vet wanted him to have 10
days to settle in. We've been pretty housebound since he suggested we
avoid walks and etc... Until he's fully vaccinated. He's pretty bright and is
using potty pads 90% of the time. Had a little loose stool so he's on rice,
boiled skinless chicken and cottage cheese. Seems to be doing the trick!
Muey is very alert and barks at people when they come in the front door.
We adore him❤
Diane, Piermont, NY

Hello Carol, Sorry I have not responded earlier.  Bianca – who we now
call Coco – is doing wonderful. She is my sweetheart and has the most
beautiful face and sweet disposition. She and her sister, Lulu, spend all
their time together.  I have pictures on my phone – can you send me
your phone number again so that I can text them to you. I have one
picture with Coco and Lulu playing in their matching pajamas.  
Redwood, CA

Hi Carol!  Thanks for your email! She is doing just wonderfully, we love
her so much. We decided to name her Penelope and we mostly call her
Penny. You were so right, she is definitely not a big fan of the cold! But
she is doing great learning to go outside- don't want to jinx us, but she
has been going outside consistently. She his eating well and sleeping
well. We have been crating her in our room at night and she is just fine
with that, she whimpered a bit the first night then fell right to sleep and
hasn't had any issue sleeping through the night. (Mike does get up once
in the night to give her a potty break- which she probably hates, but she
hasn't had any accidents overnight). She doesn't seem to be afraid of
anything, she is very curious. She is just such a little doll, hopping and
jumping around everywhere. She loves to play with her toys, and if you sit
down on the ground with her she is guaranteed to crawl right into your
lap, she is quite the snuggler. We have an appointment with our vet
tomorrow afternoon and I will definitely let you know how everything
goes. We are just so thrilled to have her home with us. I'll check in with
you after her appointment with the vet!  
Alison & Mike, Missouri

Carol, Everything is going well! Jasper has gotten very comfortable and
is so funny. He loved the snow! I was surprised how much he liked to go
out, even in the snow and cold. We went to the vet and everything looks
good. The vet recommended we wait to neuter him closer to 6 months,
so we'll wait a little while longer but probably before he's 6 months.
and Jennifer, Oklahoma

Hi Carol, I can not begin to tell you what a joy Lucy is to our family! She is
smart, loving, and playful, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! It was
such a wonderful experience for us to drive to Missouri to your personal
home and kennels. You were so inviting and friendly. It truly was a
pleasure to work with you! We were so impressed at your knowledge of
the French Bulldog breed, as well as, your true passion for producing top
of the line puppies. Your kennels were also very clean and cared for. It
was such a joy to meet both parents on site. You truly have become a
part of our family. If I purchase a playmate for Lucy later, it will be from
Peace Valley Kennels! Thank you for such a great puppy!
The Avila Family, Albuquerque, NM

Hi Carol:  I just wanted to mention that I tried to post a message & pic on
your site under "testimonials" but was unable to.  Please feel free to use
any of my pics of Molly or my letters or parts of the letter to post to that
part of your site as I would like to share with others what a good job you
and your husband has done in providing all that Molly needed from birth
until I got her.....that she is the great puppy/dog she is because of your
care.  I would highly recommend that anyone who receives a puppy from
your kennel is getting a well adjusted, happy and beautiful companion....
a puppy that will bring much joy into the lives of those who are fortunate
to have them.  Without that wonderful beginning, I know Molly would not
be the joy she is!  Thank you again and  I will continue to keep in touch
and update you on her life and will enjoy sharing future pics of her as she
grows. Wishing you both a wonderful and blessed day!
Cheryl, Fort
Frances, Ontario

Hi Carol,
It's been a few months.  We just wanted to check in and tell you how
great Harley is doing.  He is the most playful and energetic frenchie I
have ever seen.  He's healthy and happy.  Gets to play with all his friends
a few days every week.  We just wanted to thank you so much for the
beautiful pup, he's 7 months now!  I have always heard people say that
their dog is a jokester but never understood it till now.  Talk to you soon,
Justin & Karen. New Rochelle, NY

They are doing soooo good with the kids!!!  We love these puppies more
than anything, needless to say, they are spoiled.  
Amanda & family,
Austin, TX

She was exactly what I was looking for. I love that she loves to be near
me. I love how she crawls up on my feet when she's tired of playing so I
pick her up:) I knew they were sweet but wasn't expecting her to be so
sweet! I'll keep you updated. The weather should be nice later this week.
Tara, Tennessee

Hi Carol!!  I hope you are doing well and that all your puppies are healthy
too.  There are so many times a week that I think I should email Carol
and tell her what Pepper just did.  Or I will think Carol needs to see how
big Pepper has gotten. So this is the much needed update about
Pepper.  She is such a happy and rambunctious puppy.  She has energy
for days and we really love it.  I am a little sleep deprived because we are
still getting her out of her crate one time a night to take her the
bathroom.  She is getting the concept of going the bathroom outside a lot
better.  She is really starting to enjoy her walks, but the park is still her
favorite place.    She is a little celebrity around where we live.  She loves
everyone and everyone loves her!!
Shalice and Trevor, Playa Vista, CA

To anyone who is reading the testimonials about Peace valley kennels
let me start by saying  that Carol is amazing not only at raising such
beautiful and healthy frenchies but she is wonderful at communicating
and keeping you informed. I was very impressed when Carol took the
time to get to know who I was and what my family was all about. Carol is
very invested in her dogs and the people that get one from he.  She
helps to make the best " pick" with you. When we picked up Milo aka
"Blaze" he was well adjusted and sweet as all get out. He got rave
reviews at his vet  check up with our vet and is already after less then a
week house trained. I could not be more happy with my choice in
breeders. I will definetly be sending people that want a frenchie to Peace
valley kennels! Thank you Carol...
The O'Neill family from Seattle, WA

Carol, Did you know he sits up all the time, not begging, he just likes to
sit up.  Cute as hell!
 Pam - Tijeras, NM

Carol, Well, it has been 2 weeks since I picked up Cali.  The deal was I
could return her after 2 weeks if it wasn't going to work out.  You already
know that I am going to keep her.  She is a delight.  The 2 dogs are
getting along much better as time goes by.  Cali is following JDs lead in
potty training.  The mistakes are few and usually my fault.  The big thing
left is lease training.  I am going very slowly  as she seems to react in a
negative way to the lead.  It will come.  In the mean time,  she is
considered a flight risk and JD gets solo rides. Cali gets the run of the
house and the big back yard.  Now, I can't imagine life without her.  
Meg, Springfield, MO

Harley is a nut.  Lol he is a little ball of energy, he has been great.  
Honestly he tries to let us know whenever he has to go to the bathroom,
no complaints!  He is also very good with the crate.  Lol just as I was
writing this he peed.  Guess I should of been paying attention to him
instead lol.  Jules is a little thrown off by him, just kind of ignoring him,
but he makes it hard chasing her and trying to nip at her legs.  He's
great!  Thanks Carol  -
Justin, New Rochelle, NY

Hi Carol!
Libby is doing GREAT! She is the sweetest thing ever! Last night she
acted like she'd been with us forever, eating, drinking, playing, etc. She
slept under my arm all night and never cried once! When we take her
out, she immediately pees and has pooped outside twice today!! We are
head over heels IN LOVE with this precious baby!! She is all about being
held and cuddled and definitely tugs on your pants and jumps/yaps to
get our attention!!  Thank you for raising such good mannered (and
gorgeous) pups!! I am not even being prejudice when I say that your
pups are far more handsome than a lot I've seen, and I think you should
charge more for them!!  I've already given out your name/number to a
couple of people that want one now that they've seen her. :) We are SO
glad we found your kennel and that Libby was still available. We feel
extremely blessed to have her in our lives. Thanks again, Carol (and
Mike)! Big Hugs from Libby's family in Oklahoma!!! :-D
Marti & family,
Tulsa, OK

Dear Carol,
I can't begin to tell you how much joy and happiness Lulu has brought in
to my life.  It really was love at first sight when I saw her pictures.  She's
doing great and everyone that meets her just oohs and ahhs how
adorable and loving she is.  You did an outstanding job giving Lulu the
extra TLC her first weeks of life.  It made such a difference as she loves
being held and doted on.  Thank you also for being so kind and
answering all of my many questions I had before getting her.   All of the
pictures and videos you sent were so helpful and made my decision that
much easier and without any doubt.  Also have to add that all of the
glowing testimonials on your site were just icing on the cake.  I feel like a
proud daddy with Lulu.  She makes the cutest little snorts when she gets
excited playing with her chew toys and has such a personality.  Lulu is
the queen of this house.  She puts a smile on my face first thing in the
morning and last thing at night before going to bed.  I will definitely
recommend Peace Valley Kennels to anyone looking for a gorgeous,
healthy and loving French Bulldog.  You and Mike are amazing!  Thanks
again! All my best,
 Thomas, Burbank, CA

Hi Carol!  She's doing amazing.  She's already grasping that potty
happens outside and Truman has taught her to use the doggy door. I
was watching tv and heard her go out the doggy door.  I snuck out to see
what she was doing and she was pooping.  Woohoo.  They are getting
along perfectly and I feel like I'm starting to figure where their places are.  
They are both sleeping downstairs without any whining when i go
upstairs.  Just straight to their beds.  Truman sneaks on the couch.  He
has some learning to do too!!!  She's sat many times on command and
she comes almost every time I call her name. She's so very smart and
loving.  I can already see her taking on a lot of Truman's calmness. She
is such a wonderful addition to he family!!! :). Thank you again!   
Las Vegas, NV

Hi Carol!  I finally got to meet Rupert about 10:30 last night. Needless to
say it was a late night because I wanted to spend time with him. Haha.
We could not be happier with him! He is such a fun-loving, handsome
little guy. I don't think he has a scared bone in his body. He already
roams the place like it's his. :)  Axl (our 6 month old frenchie) thinks he is
pretty cool as well. They play and play and play. Very fun to watch. Thank
you so much for everything!  
Tim & Jessica, Lincoln, NE

Dear Carol and Mike,
Just a quick note to let you know that we are all well and enjoying our 'lil
Cotons. We are so impressed with you, your breeding expertise and your
professional abilities !  Our pup's vet and staff were so excited to meet
them as they have never seen a "Coton" before. Equally impressed with
the healthy pups and all the papers, etc. that you sent along for them. We
love love our new additions to our family and they are a blast! And yes,
we have laughed a LOT!  
Trish & Gordon, Mt. Vernon, WA

Hi Carol. Just wanted to let you know our first week has been great.
Seems like she has been here forever.  We are all on a schedule and its
working out perfect. Her house training is excellent. She has had no
accidents inside- a couple in her cage with pee but I think as she gets a
little older she will be able to hold it longer. You were right-  we are
definitely not disappointed. She is great. Have a great weekend.
and family, Bentonville, AR

Sherry and I are new customers of Peace Valley Kennels of Peace
Valley, Missouri. We look forward to being long time friends of Mike &
Carol Ford who are the owners! After viewing pictures, videos, and talking
with Mike & Carol on the phone many times we drove from Brandon,
Mississippi to purchase our new baby.  Their knowledge of French
Bulldogs and the professional care they obviously give in preparing their
dogs for moving to a new home made it easy for us to make the decision
to purchase our next Bully Baby from them. Their Kennels are
professionally built and cared for. The way they protected their dogs from
germs that might be brought in to their houses was extremely positive for
us. We should say that we have often done months of searching when we
want a new French Bulldog and the quality of the dogs at Peace Valley
Kennels and their prices are as good as you will find and better than
most.  We now own three French Bulldogs purchased from great
breeders. Our first was Odie BullyBoy, second is Miss Dixie, and now we
have our newest baby Rowdy!! They have their own website and
Facebook page where you can see them and watch them grow up at
www.facebook.com/odie.bullyboy.  Thanks again to Mike & Carol
Jerry & Sherry, Brandon, Mississippi

Hi Carol, She's been doing good. My Boston is becoming very protective
of her. It's so cute. He keeps his eye on her at all times. When I got home
from the vet I could tell he had severe anxiety and kept jumping up on
me to see if she was ok. So I had to bend down with her to show him she
was fine. My boys adore her. She is becoming very playful. She was
running in circles last night in the living room and pouncing. Then my
husband was wiping up a spill on the floor with a rag and she came up
and grabbed a corner if the rag to play tug of war and shake it. It was
cute. She's a silly girl.  
Nikki, Pevely,  MO

Hi Carol,  I just wanted to send an updated photo of Bear :) He is a HAM!!!
I know I had mentioned before that I am a Jayhawk... so, I have officially
converted him! :) You'll have to share the photo with your Son since you
had mentioned he's not too fond of KU!  We have a lot of people ask
about Bear - everyone loves him! I've given your information to several
people, but I have a feeling their waiting on a brindle ;)  I'll keep
checking periodically.  Sincerely,
Rachel and family, Wichita, KS

Hi Carol, To answer your two questions I would have to say no & no.
She's still a little dickens. What I originally saw as self confidence in the
videos, in reality is Meeka obstinance and need to be in control. I'm
always telling her if it wasn't for us she would be living in Alaska right now
but that threat doesn't seem to phase her at all.  Meeka can be lovey-
dovey a lot of the time but when she gets into one of her moods there's
no changing her mind. Don't get me wrong, we certainly love her to
pieces but she's one strong willed little lady. OOpps, maybe I shouldn't
call her a lady because she loves humping her toy fox or anything else
that will stay still long enough. The tear staining hasn't lessened much at
all. Have any of her litter mates owners mentioned tear staining?
It's certainly OK with us to use my email on your testimonial page. Meeka
is sitting on Janice's lap as I'm writing this and she won't even look at me
as if she knows that I'm writing about her bad habits. Janice is twisting
my arm until I cry to tell you "That we'd pick Meeka all over again even
with her ways", ya right!!!!!!
Mike & Janice, Hadley, MA (note from Carol:  
This has to be one of my favorite testimonials.  I wanted to post this so all
potential Coton owners can read from a family that has their hands full lol
- and if you look at her photo to the right, Meeka wants to explain lol)

Hi Carol, Lottie is doing great!  She barked all night Sunday night.  ALL
Night!!!  But, she did great Monday night!  Just a little barking but didn't
last long.  Went to vet Monday...all just perfect!  Switched over to my sis's
vet.  Lottie had bordetella 9-13 week and rabies vaccination.  Had
wellness exam, fecal analysis, worming-hooks/rounds.  She is 5.5 lbs.  
Everyone loved her at the vet!  We are spoiling her rotten!!!  She makes
us laugh constantly!!!!  We arer working on using a bell at the door to go
out to "busy".  I am sure we won't make much progress in Branson, but
we will hit it hard when we get back home Friday.
Cindy and family, LIttle Rock, AR

Hi Carol!!
I mean, Hi Gramma!!  As for our little Bumble..WELL he is doing
amazing!! Chasing Remington and all the boys around. Loving playing
outside, (not now it's snowing like crazy out there!!)  He had his first visit
to our vet today and I have to tell you her exact words were "WOW, you
never know exactly what your going to get without meeting the puppy first
but we got VERYYYY lucky with this little guy! He looks WONDERFUL!!"
He had his distemper shot one little yelp and then kisses! He looks great
and he was just snuggling with everyone! You deserve alot of credit! Not
all these people who raise puppies are.."honest" to say the least!
Please let me know how Josie is doing. I wish I could bring her here but I
think I'd have to send my husband to live somewhere else,
(HMMMM???)!! HA PLS let us know when she finds a home too!!
Lori &
family, Connecticut

Parker is still doing great! We love having him. Today was the first day we
had to leave him alone – for three hours. I felt terrible, like the times I
dropped my children at daycare. We gave him a bath and I’ve only
washed his butt once. He’s pooped inside a few times, but I haven’t seen
any pee! Parker does seem attached to Reagan, but likes to come to me
after the hard play time. He must know I’m the gentle one who will let him
sit on my lap for cuddling. Rex seems sad that Parker gives Reagan a
little more attention – but I assured him that it will change once Reagan
returns to school in a week. We all LOVE, Parker! -
Michelle & Family,
Memphis, TN

Hi Carol,
OMG he is gorgeous.  He was shaking a little when we first got him.  But
we took him out of the crate and he started walking around with his
harness and leash on like he owned the airport.  He smells so good,
too.   When we got him home, he started playing with his toys and
running and jumping.  He had a couple of accidents and is not to
interested in eating or drinking.  As soon as you pick him up, he burrows
into you and falls asleep.  He's doing that right now.  What a cuddle pup.
Thank you so much for him.  This was the first experience we had with a
breeder and you made it  so easy.  You care so much for your pups and
it shows.  I would recommend your kennel to anyone.
Joe & Sue, Cranston, RI

Hi Carol,
Well we have had Grunt for a little over two weeks and we are totally in
love with him. His insane antics just keeps us in stitches. He hops, he
jumps, he pounces, the idiot tries to walk and scratch his front leg at the
same time, so of course he falls on his head. He is absolutely fearless,
what a Marine bulldog is known for. I caught him tinkling on the carpet
and yelled "No Grunt" He backed up and barked at me. So I yelled even
louder "NO GRUNT" this time he jumped in the air and barked at me.
Then he sat down and just glared at me as much to say what's your
problem? You got to love a 9 lb. dog who is not intimidated by a 6ft 3
275 lb Marine. I promoted him to PFC and he wears a stripe on his collar.
Grunt and Tugger are getting along ok, Grunt has to learn not to jump on
Tugger to play. This will work out. We are both very happy with getting
Grunt. Best wishes to both of you, you breed good puppies.
Frank, Gravious Mills,  MO

Hey Carol!
We miss you! Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Simon/Elton
because his "big boy" look is coming in. He's so loved by everyone. My
Dad especially loves him, going as far as to sit with him until he falls
asleep every night. Lol. My parents refer to themselves as "Grandpa" and
"Grandma", its cute. Our whole family spoils and loves him so much. In
fact, my mom is already thinking of getting him a companion when he's a
little older, and you know the only breeder we trust. ;) We'll have to make
another visit to Peace Valley! We have a lot to compete with here, your
facilities are so clean and warm... Simon was born spoiled. Lol, I don't
even get to watch cable 24/7. I would love to be on your testimonial page
and I'll even go as far as offering my email in case anyone wishes to
speak with a very satisfied owner of one of your wonderful pups!
Cynthia & Simon, Canton, MI

Carol and Mike,  Where do I begin....we are SO SO in love with little
JoJo...he is one amazing and smart little guy.  Since we brought him
home, not one accident in the house, he let's us know when he needs to
go out WOW! for only 8 wks old, it's a testament of all the love and care
he received from you and Mike.  I have seen many breeding kennels,
you and Mike have by far the BEST I have ever seen.  It was no nicely
organized and CLEAN!!!!  Not to mention no dogs barking or barely..
(thanks Carol for the No No trick), it's like no kennel I have ever seen.  
Well really it's not a kennel, Peace Valley is a loving home.  Like I said
that day...most people don't live as nice...lol... I have to share a little joke
with you, when we were driving home, we were all discussing how we
got ourselves into this whole adventure-meeting people we didn't even
know to buy a dog.  Carol, you and Mike are such Loving and
Welcoming people, I feel honored to have met you. I now know why our
little JoJo is so well behaved, it's because of you and Mike and all your
love.  JoJo and Jasper (our other dog) got alone from the very first and
are have so much fun together! Please feel free to use us as a reference
anytime...Thank you again for raising such a wonderful new addition to
our family.
Dan, Julie, Katie, Jasper and JoJo, Washington, IL

Just came back from the veterinarian and she said Earl looks great. I
can't walk anywhere with him without getting stopped. Everyone just
loves him. He really melts my heart, thanks again for a wonderful dog.

Tina and Paul, Drexil Hill, PA

Carol, Poppy is growing like a weed.  It has cooled off here because of
the rains, she’s not too fond of getting rained on.  She continues to harass
the pugs but they now allow her to cuddle up to sleep.  Pug, Audrey, has
taken over Poppy’s squeaky soft duck toy (named  Quacky) and won’t
allow Poppy to play with it.  Since Poppy has adopted her as Mama she
doesn’t really mind and she has a considerable number of other toys.  
Plastic measuring cups seem to make her happier than the store bought
kind of toy.    She is very affectionate and loves to sleep on my lap.  Potty
training is going OK, one problem is we cannot allow her to go in and out
of the dog door on her own because of the hawks/falcons here.  
Someone has to be outside with her.  When she gets too big to be a
target then she can go in and  out on her own to potty.   I am very happy
with her, she is a doll and she is the most popular dog at Petsmart when
we go to buy toys/puppy chow.  She prefers to be home though even
when the Pugs are not there but are at home at my daughter’s house with
her.  Thanks for asking, it’s nice to know you care about your dogs.  I
hope they all found good homes.
Diane, El Paso, TX

Hi Carol,  Mr. Teddy is doing great! We are potty training him now, he is
catching on slowly but surely. Teddy sleeps between us every night and
is a HUGE cuddler, he also loves his big brother Hank, our English
bulldog, they play all day and Hank is very patient with Teddy.  We are so
thankful that Teddy has come to join our family. He is just amazing and
everyone who sees him wants to take him home! Lol  Thanks so much,  
John & Teresa, Kiowa, CO

Gabby has officially became Nana (after my Mom). My daughter and
Nana are never far apart.  Late night is the only time I see Nana (my
daughter is asleep).  Nana did not eat for the first two days.  The vet
assured us that all is ok.  Nana got her new booster, heart worm pill,
monthly flea media, puppy cookies......much better today.
Nana has taken over our house and hearts.  Everyone loves her. We
couldn't of found a better pet!  She just fits!   Thanks for the extra effort
you both put forward. Loosing my Mom has been so hard,Nana helps the
tears. Again thanks, Stacey, My vet said nana is in perfect shape!  
Stacey, Scott, LA

Thought you might enjoy seeing how grownup Izzy (Daisy) is getting!
Melonie - Wayne, OK

Hello Ms Carol and Mr Mike, Doing business with y'all was a great
experience.  Your place is awesome and so clean.  The great quality of
Frenchies y'all have is unbelievable . I recommend everyone to take the
ride to their place and experience all the hard work they do to give us the
best quality Frenchie possible.  I will purchase another Frenchie from
them in the future. Poncho is doing great and taking to our other 2
babies we have but he is trying to be the big dog ....lol.... Thanks for
Damon & Lisa, South Louisiana

Hi Carol,  Well we officially are all head over hills in love with Dott!! She is
the perfect combination of rowdy lil puppy that wants to get into stuff and
be funny and make us laugh! Then as soon as you pick her up she melts
into your arms and becomes a little cuddle bum that wants to kiss your
face! She is just adorable!! Very confident with herself! You did an
awesome job raising her until she came here! Thank you from the
bottom of my heart for taking such great care of her. Jack adores her :)
He is so happy to have a playmate! She is the boss and he just sits back
and lets her get what she wants its so cute to watch! She is such a little
doll! Thanks again so much and I will let everyone I know what a great
breeder and person you are. Also the quality of your pups :)
Talk to you soon!!!
 Love Lil Dott Dott and Melissa!

Dear Carol,  I want to thank you for our precious Luca.  You do an
amazing job with the puppies, and it was a pleasure to spend time with
you and Mike on both of our visits to Peace Valley Kennels.  Jim and I
were very impressed with the great home you have made and the
manner in which you take care of your puppies. Luca is now the center of
our home.  He is intelligent, cuddly and loving, happy and a ball of
energy.  Luca plays non stop with his balls and other toys.  He has
completely taken over our hearts, and I can't imagine life without him.  
He is crate trained, almost house trained and has just begun to ring the
bell to let us know 'when' he needs to go outside.  He started his
obedience training last week and is doing remarkably well for his tender
age of 12 weeks.  Did I mention that his world revolves around my
husband, Jim?  There is an unmistakable male bond there that I can't
compete with until meal time! Thank you again for everything.  So much
of what we love in Luca comes from Momma Carol and Momma Cali.
and Anna, St. Louis, MO

Hi Carol,  So we've gotten through night 1 with Brodie and he is just as
you described him - cuddly and right under your feet at all times!  When
we first got him, I cut open his cage and he patiently waited until I
reached in and grabbed him out - he was a little bit nervous but very
good overall.  He has eaten on and off when he feels like it and has
especially liked his sock monkey and tug toy, but his overall favorite
seems to be climbing up onto one our legs and making himself
comfortable - he's keeping my legs warm while I write this message...  
We put him in the crate last night to sleep and he whined for a little bit but
after about a minute just fell asleep and slept through until 6:30 - pretty
good!  Thanks again and hope you don't miss these guys too much!
& Andrea, New York, NY

Hello Carol, Well little Gunners first day was a field trip to Lisa (my wifes)
elderly communityshe takes care of. She is a nurse. She said Gunner
never touched the floor he just went from arm to arms, hug to hugs. He
was a huge hit with the community. She said he was in heaven with every
body spoiling over him. He was there two hours and then came home to
me where we took an afternoon nap together before the kids got home.
After that it was play time again with the kids. He has some personality.
He just puts a smile on your face just looking at him. Its funny we took
him to the pet store and let him pick out some toys and he went right for
the rawhides like you said and yes we got him the little sticks. Thank you
again for such a beautiful little angel, Talk real soon.  
John and Family,
New Jersey

We are all doing great.  She has settled into a pretty good routine.  She
sleeps thru the night since we started putting the kennel in our room
when we go to bed at night.  She just wanted to be close.  She's had very
few accidents.  She goes to the door when she wants to go outside and
always gets a treat when she goes potty,  She loves to play and has
several games--she will get to running and goes thru the house under
the beds--circles thru the living room--just crazy.  Loves to chase her
balls and toys.  She's already destroyed a couple of her toys--big
chewer.  She gets a chew stick everyday and loves to take those to our
spare bedroom and just lay and chew.   I also wanted to tell you that I
would be glad to be a reference for you if you ever need that.  
Blaine &
Linda, Conway, AR

Hi Carol, Gatsby had a really busy day today! It was his first day of puppy
daycare, he had his first vet appointment with us, and we finished the day
off with a trip to Petco. He is passed out on Sunny's lap right now.  Puppy
daycare went really well for him. He already made a girlfriend, a Maltese
puppy named Ruby :).  He was worn out from the daycare!  After we got
home from work, it was time to take him to the vet. Gatsby was a really
good doggie for the doctor. He wasn't scared at all, and he was really well
behaved. The vet commented that he must have been handled very well
when he was younger. The vet let us know that he is very healthy :) After
the vet trip, we took him to Petco to buy him some treats and some new
toys. Every time we take him out we get tons of compliments, and the trip
to Petco was no exception :)  Overall everything is going very well with
him. He is adjusting very well to city life, and he's learning new stuff every
day. Sunny and I love him very much!
 Stephen & Sunny, San
Francisco, CA

Hi there, Thought I would send a quick update on my baby...  She is
great, so happy and smart!  I took her to see my vet yesterday just to get
them acquainted and be sure all is well, and as predicted she is doing
great! I have taught her to sit and stay, she is doing great with come and
we are working on lay down.  She sleeps about 3 hours at a time at night,
I then take her out, she potties and back to sleep for 3 hours, I am a bit
tired these days but she is really doing great, 2 accidents in the house
which is amazing I take her out frequently and she goes every time!   I
should have named her waggles lol as her little tail is constantly going
100 miles an hour...  she is so happy to please and loves to make me
happy.  The weather here has been just beautiful, we have been going
for good walks 2 times a day which she loves!  Sorry I didn’t mean to
write a book lol.. Take care,
Apryl, Berthoud, CO

Hope you guys are having a very merry Christmas. This puppy has been
the best Christmas present I could ever get. We have been traveling to
NJ and NY for the holidays. He is the most well behaved puppy. It has
been very easy to train him. He has 1 accident in the house every day so
far but I always catch him and we go straight outside.  He loves his
treats!!! I call him my little angel puppy because he is so well behaved
and really likes to please me (or get treats haha).  Everyone is so
impressed with him.  Thank you guys so much. I am really grateful. He is
my baby, Jeff is a little jealous haha. I feel like a new mommy. I can't go
into any store without getting him something. He has had a big
Christmas. I'll figure out how to send pics with my iPhone and I'll get
them right out to you.  Thanks so much,
Demi and Jeff - Lewes, DE

Hi Carol,
LuLu is such a precious pup!  I don't know what I would do without her
already.  She has adjusted remarkably well to her new home and the
other dogs.  She is always on my lap or by my side.  She is the calmest
puppy I have ever had and such a lover.  You were right about her
needing to be in a pet home instead of a kennel. She is the most
wonderful pet.  LuLu and Angel both sit on my lap so it's like I just have
two dogs that really want my attention.  I can't wait until Christmas break
and I can spend some real time with my babies.  I hope everything is
going well at your end.  
Susan, Mexico, MO

Hi Carol,  Gucci is doing great.  He is such a joy to have.  So loving and
easy to take care of.  He has settled in just fine.  My two other dogs were a
little put off at first when they figured out he wasn't just visiting, but
staying....lol  My female dog has come around and they play together all
the time now.  He is doing very well on potty training and is going to his
first vet visit this Saturday.  Everyone is just enjoying him and loving him
so much.  I call him my little love bug because he is just so happy and
likes to give us his "love kisses" as I call it.  He definitely loves food!  I
give my other two dogs their biscuit treats and he is right there in the
middle of them both waiting for his little piece.  I'm afraid he is going to
be quite spoiled like my other two dogs.  I'm looking forward to taking
him out about with me as he doesn't mind riding in the car at all. Thanks
for raising such a happy little guy!  Take care,
Lenore, Martinez, CA

Hi Carol, Lola is doing great. She has such a fun personality. Her and
Gus have become best buddies. She's also found her voice and barks
at Gus when she wants to play. It is adorable. I have had more
compliments on how pretty she is. She already is a little Diva. We love
Mandy, Rogers, AR

Hi Carol, We are really enjoying the puppies!! SO glad we got them both!  
Like you said, they compliment each other :). We enjoy their "Tag!!
You're it!!" games tremendously :D  They sleep in our bathroom at night,
until they are house trained... My son can't wait until they can sleep with
him in his bed :) Best wishes,
Charlene, Sacramento, CA

Hi Carol!   I was actually wondering what you would suggest to let Gracie
"tell" me when she wants to go out.  She is doing great and was
AMAZING on our trip. I took her out at rest areas and she went like
clockwork.  While I was driving she was in my lap and got restless and
unsettled when she had to "go".  Then after I stopped and she went, she
just curled back up in my lap & went back to sleep. Lol This went on for
2050 miles!!   One of the main reasons I wanted to talk to you is because
there are just not enough adjectives to describe Gracie!  Easy is a good
one for starters.  She just goes with the flow as long as she's with me.  
The only problem is that people stop me every 5 feet and ask about her
breed, how old, can they touch her, etc, etc.  My family is just crazy about
her.  She kept us entertained constantly.  She was a hoot with my son
Brent's puggle.   There was interest everywhere I visited in actually
owning one.  I gave a lot of folks your website address.  My daughter in
law is interested in a Frenchie (they are the ones who have Odin).  In all
my years I don't think I've ever seen a cuter, more loving, more cuddly,
loyal, smarter...........You get the picture!! Thanks so much for the good
start you give your puppies.  That makes a world of difference.
Sharon,  Missouri

Hi Carol,  Hannah loves Hudson to death! I decided to change his name
because I keep calling him Hudson instead of Hunter. LOL  Hannah is
very protective of Hudson and can't stop kissing him and checking on
him all the time. They lay together on the couch and sleep next to each
other in the bed.  They play all day and sleep together. Hannah lets
Hudson do whatever he wants....she is submissive to him. LOL  He even
steals Hannah's treat and she lets him. She follows him everywhere!  I
think she is crazy about him!  You're right about Hudson being such a
lovable little guy!  He constantly wants to be held and rubbed all the
time.  I loved him instantly!  He has half of my heart and Hannah has the
other half. LOL.  They are so adorable!  Thanks for everything and I will
keep you posted on my two children.  Take care,
Taylor, Morrisville, NC

Hi Carol, Toby is fabulous. He goes to the door when he needs to potty
and goes everywhere with us. He is the best thing ever. My youngest and
he are best friends( Toby gets lots of treats from him). His middle name
could very well be Hoover. His coat is shiny and he's very healthy.  My
little bot starts school Monday, thank goodness I've got Toby. Hope you
are all well.
Shera - Roach, MO

Thank you for our babies. Their new names are Hope and Chance.
Tommy just informed me that Chance is staying here. My dil is going to
be sad because she fell in love with him yesterday. This morning I was
playing on the floor with them. I was laughing and he said, "That sounds
so wonderful. I haven't heard you laugh like that since Nov." You have
literally given us a Chance at Hope. Thank you so much
Nina, Jefferson
City, MO

HI guys,..Mooch has really turned out to be a fantastic little dog..The
grand kids get tickled because sometimes when we are watching a
movie she takes a nap on the sofa next to us and snores so loud we
have to turn up the volume.  Ken can sound just like her snuffling and
snorting.  She jumps up on the sofa now and if any other dogs want
attention, she is right there!  I just have to say "let's go to bed" and she
comes running.  She has to be the easiest dog we have ever had!  She is
doing great on her house training.  Now she knows "let's go out and
potty" and runs to the door to go outside/  She luvs all of the grandkids
ages 3 10 and 11...nothing bothers her even when I vacuum the sofa.  I
have to make her scoot over though. TTYL
Ken & Chris, Lapanto, AR

Hi Carol, It's Sunday and I'm at work.  Dave wont let me bring her to
work...he likes having her at home.  Also, he renamed her Tally. She still
dances on her back legs and stands and does her little piroettes!!!  She
still sticks that paw out whether you ask for it or not so we do keep asking
her to shake and reward her with good girl and a treat always praising
her and telling her what a good girl and how pretty.  Of course I was
impressed with your kennels and your dogs.  I knew a long time ago that
there could be no other place or dog for me. And thru all the obstacles, I
ended up with the one I was meant to be with. And you are so much
more than just a kennel or breeder...you are their mom, their caretaker
and you see that in the dog. All that Tally is today is because of you, and
I see it everyday in the happy healthy little person she is. She does this
racing thing around the living room now....shes fast as a rocket!
i know she misses you and will love to see those toys. Shoot, I even miss
you as was only there a couple hrs if that.  Talk to you soon!
Kim, Sullivan MO

Hi Carol,  I just want to thank you so much for my little Lizzy I am so glad
that I have Maddy’s last puppy and that she is a sister to my Rudy. Now I
have three Cotons and my family is complete. I want to thank you and
Mike for your hospitality and would strongly recommend that all of your
new parents take the time to come and pick up personally so that they
can meet you and Mike and see your wonderful set up. It is so obvious
how much you care about your dogs and it just makes me know that I
have a good one. Right after we got home I had an appointment with my
vet for a well check up. My vet told me that she was amazed at how
confident Lizzy was with strangers. She told me that is not so typical with
new puppies. I have brought her to work several times and she just loves
the attention that she gets from everyone.  The house training has not
been an issue. As you know, I live in Minnesota so it’s still cold and
snowy. I let her out with her brothers and she has learned from them.
She just knows what to do. When my friends come over all of the kids
fight over who gets to hold her. She is sweet and lovable. She also can
run with the big boys. She doesn’t back down. I sit and laugh at how they
play together and then when she gets tired she jockeys for position on
the couch with me and her brothers. Her position tends to be on my
shoulder cuddled on my neck. She is truly a joy to have and I feel so
lucky to have her. Lizzy’s life will be filled with love from me and
everyone around me. Thank you so much! She gives more than I can
ever give back!
Terry, Victoria, MN

Boy, yesterday was sooooo long.  It was scary at first but became better
as I got to know my new mom.  I met all 5 of my cousins yesterday.  
Some I liked, some well they're just to be tolerated.  Max, the black
terrier is my favorite.  It was kind of lonely last night in my new bedroom
which is all pink.  I whimpered a little and even gave a couple of huffs to
let Mom know I was not happy with the sleeping arrangements, her bed
looked a whole lot better especially with her in it.  But man, she's going to
be a tough nut to crack!  She didn't rescue  me one time!  This morning
we were up at 4:30 and we played a little.  I felt better enough to eat and
drink a little.  I'm so in love now   I can't take my eyes of her  Where she
goes I go.  And I know enough not t get under her feet.  Well I must be
going.  Say hello  to Momma Maddie,  I miss her.  Love, Tullah aka Abby

Hi Carol,  I have not checked my email this week, I have been too busy
playing with the best puppy in the world!  You are a really sweet person
and I could not have imagined finding anyone as great as you.  You
really care about your dogs and that is exactly what I was looking for.    
So update on Talula!  Well, I did rename her.  Her name is Lexus and we
call her Lexi.  She is doing SOOOO well!  She is lively, jumping, playing,
sleeping and doing great.  Thank you again for a wonderful puppy!!!
Stephanie, Columbia, MO

Okay Carol, You did not tell me how quickly I would fall in love with this
puppy.  She is the sweetest, cutest, funniest dog I have ever been
around. I forgot how much I spoiled my girls when they were infants, but I
am treating Lovey much the same way.  She has structure, is working on
potty training consistently, and has times to rest, but I love holding her
and playing with her.  I started calling her Love Bug today, but I have a
new name for her everyday.  
Kelley and family, LIttle Rock, AR

Hi Carol, Wilson's new name is Henry.  He has taken over,  thanks
mostly to my husband.   While I was at work  Henry cried and didn't want
to stay in the kennel all night.  So hubby slept on the couch, holding him
all night.  He did this for the 3 nights I had to work.  Last night Henry slept
with me, on my head! He is spoiled rotten already.  This is not usually  
how our pups are introduced to our family  life.  They learn to kennel at
night until they are housebroken.  Husband couldn't stand to hear him
cry.  Henry is so big!!  Lydia was much smaller when she was 4 months
old.  He is much more beautiful than his pictures.  The freckles didn't
show up on the computer.  I love them!  We are very pleased.  He is
acting like a typical bulldog, not afraid of anything and so curious!  He is
already barking to tell us if someone is in the driveway.  He is so funny,
he hates the snow and cold.  We go out to potty and he runs right back to
the door and cries to get in.   He's starting to catch on, when he pees he
gets applause and lots of praise; so he does this happy dance and then
races for the door .  Our  son Seth is teaching him to stand on his back
legs and spin in a circle.  He's doing quite well, and has developed a
taste for Greenies.  They are a great motivator for tricks.  P.S.:  Thanks for
breeding such a nice bully specimen.  The vet he is going to see has a
share in Robobull, the Westminister French Bulldog winner.  She knows
her bullys!!  
Jane & Monty, Conesville, OH

An update on the world of Chopper:  I have to say this little guy is so full
of personality. There are things he likes and some he doesn't, and he
makes sure of letting you know it's so cute. He's pretty independent too.
He was just trying to eat my phone which he thinks is one of his toys,and
when I take it away, he just makes a disappointed squeaking noise and
goes the other way. He also has no fear. Yesterday I saw him literally
fling himself off the bed to the floor.  Even though the bed is really low, I
still think he's made of glass.  But it was the funniest thing he looked like
a flying squirrel or something. He's been doing really good eating from
his bowl and knowing that one is his even thought there'are 3 food bowls.
He constantly wants to play. Yesterday I came from work at 3 am the
boys (ha which now consists of Jaffar and Chopper) were sleeping but
woke up when I wanted to sleep and then it was over.  He just wanted to
be up...I just though to myself well this must be how real kids are. Pixie is
warming up to him but it will be a bit of a process. The cat can care less.  
Monika & Jaffar, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Carol,  Ok, time for a proper update.  Duk (we decided on Duk) is fast
asleep. He is doing great and everyone in my family is gaga over him!  
He melts my heart!   I also introduced him to my parents' frenchies
tonight and he did great!! He was chasing them and wanted to play.  I
was hoping it would make him feel not so out of sorts if he saw some
other dogs like him and I think it worked.  He was having fun and actually
it was my parents' dogs who seemed more hesitant. It was very funny to
watch.  He is very loving and cuddly with everyone.  Alright, I'm off to bed
for a bit. I am sure he will be needing to go out in a little bit...
Talk to you soon!
Jessica, Sherman Oaks, CA

Sorry to get back to you so late.  I don't get off work until midnight and
then I went to pick him at my friend Ryan's house... Wow wow wow... he is
amazing and perfect.  He arrived safely and warmed up to Ryan right
away.  He played at Ryan's house until I got off work and then I picked
him up and brought him home.  I had a few friends over and he was
happy to be in anyone and everyone's arms.  He is AMAZING!  I am so
excited to have him in my life.  He's been asleep for about 30 minutes
now.  He's pretty tuckered out, but he is very happy.  Thank you so much.
Corey, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Carol & Mike,  I can't thank you guys enough for our little Ace. He is
absolutely everything you said he was.. He is just the sweetest pet we
could ever ask for. Thanks again for helping us with the selection of the
right pup for us. Your help, time, and patience was really above and
beyond expectations. With Camilla gone this month, I've spent all my
free time with him and Gunther, and have really fell in love with the "Ace-
Man."  He follows me everywhere! When I figure out how to down load
this video camera, I can't wait to send you some videos of them playing.
He just loves Gunther! He won't stop licking him.. It's hysterical. And the
dog training guidance from you, with regard to the water gun, was
ingenious. I hope it brings you both a little more peace, knowing that you
brought that much more happiness in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving.
Warmest Regards, Adam  
Adam & Camila, Fairfield, CT

Hi Carol, We made it home safely. The last 30 minutes were tough. Lola
was a champ. Just slept or watched me. I didn't hear a peep from her all
night.  Other than that she tolerates Ralph and doesn't pay too much
attention to the cats.  She hasn't had an accident in house yet!!! Loves to
run around outside but you have to keep an eye on her because she will
wander off. We took her to school today and she just sat there while all
the kids crowded around her.  So, she is doing well. Very low
maintenance and easy. I will have to send you a video. I tell her no and
put my hand on her. It's pretty funny, you wouldn't expect it! The
companion part for Ralph isn't quite working out yet!  She isn't eating or
drinking much. She has not eaten her food but ate a bite of Ralph's. And
she is not scared of the vacuum!!!
Mary Kay, St. Louis, MO

Carol, He doesn't leave my side.  He keeps laying his head on my lap
when I sit down.  It's all just new but he's doing good and I bet tomorrow
he'll open up even more.  He's running around room to room exploring
back and forth. Something has made him bark at a window. So far no
accidents he's been going out to potty.  He goes to get his shot this week.
I have a shadow and he slept on my husbands feet last night all night.  
He has full roam of my house and yard. So two stories and fenced in yard
and lots of love.  He hasn't been set down very much he jumps wanting
up and he gets what he wants.  He's getting spoiled.
Shayla and family,

Hello Carol and Mike, All pups are doing great.  My grandson named him
Eli after Eli Manning.  Tinker and Tootsie all want to be in my lap on the
couch at the same time every night.  I try to pet all three.  They are so
funny.  I just love them.  Eli is doing so good with the harness.  Here's
some pics from today.  
Chris & Kenny, Lapanto, AR

She is most definitely a miss priss!  I love her already because of that
personality!! You did a great job! I'm so glad I got a puppy from your
kennel!! We are very, very pleased! And everybody is so shocked on
how well behaved she is!!! Thank you so much! I can't thank you enough!
I have been waiting for this day for years!!  
Jazzi, New Iberia, LA

He is doing great!  He was the star of the show at the vet yesterday.  
Everyone loved him and of course he thinks he is a tough guy. So he
growls at the lab and the boxer there.  It was so funny!   He is kind of
scared of the pool since he can’t touch the bottom.  I haven’t tried the
lake yet.  He made it all night without having to go potty last night! YEA!!   
He follows me around the house and gets mad and cries when I take a
bath so I sit him beside the tub while I take a bath and the whole time he
tries to jump in.  Silly thing!  I love him!  He is so adorable!  Thanks for
letting me know about the matting.  I have been brushing him 2 times a
day.   Have a great day!  : )  
Carla, Lakeland, TN

I am naming the boy after my favorite  blonde country singer.....Trace
Adkins.. Rough and Ready and call him Trace...He came right in and put
the little girl puppies in their place....hahaha  He is soo cute running
across the yard with his little short legs....attached is a couple pictures.
Thanks again.  
Shelley, Sulpher Springs, TX

Hello Carol,  We all made it home safely!  Hannah only puked twice in
the whole 14.5hr ride home which was no big deal, because I brought
extra clothes to change. LOL  She did wonderful and slept most of the
way home. Hannah adjusted very well in her new home and with her new
sister.  She loves all her new toys and her new bed too!  She is a very
smart and sweet little baby to say the least!  I took her outside to play
and she definitely stole all the attention which didn't surprised me at all!  
My best friend thinks she is the most adorable little dog she has ever
seen.  I have had lots of inquiries about her when she's outside trying to
do her business.  I took her to Petsmart today and she was the center of
attention again!  Everyone wanted to know what kind of breed she was
and I told them that she was a Coton and they said that they thought she
was a Maltese, because they never heard of a Coton before. I'm so
proud of her because she has somewhat understands to pee and poop
outside so far.... I knew she was smart but didn't realized she was that
smart!  I am planning to take her to the Vet Wednesday. Thank you for
taking your time to show me your lovely kennel with all the precious
babies!  They are such a joy to watch!  You have done a very wonderful
job in keeping the kennel so clean and organized!  I was bragging to my
best friend how your kennel looked and that I never once smell poop
anywhere.  I have visited other kennels in the past where it may looked
clean but I still could smell poop, which I thought that was normal but not
at your kennel which I was very impressed!  Thank you again for making
my experience very enjoyable!  I look forward to meeting you again in
the near future for another purchase of your lovely Coton de Tulear!  
Take care and keep up the great work with your kennel!  
Morrisville, NC

Carol , It's all over and Mr Cody did Fantastic and he is and acts like
nothing happened. You were right Carol. I was upset all day until I had
him in my arms again. He is a GEM,,,,,DIAMOND..........Thanks for all you
help and guidance.
Jeannie-Gret & Cody & The Howard.....xo, Florida
(Cody just got neutered)

Hi Carol,  Apolo and Cooper are being groomed for the first time today.  I
am guessing they will be a little miffed when they get home, but white fur
and lots of mud is not a great combination.  I have started working with a
dog trainer and they are doing really well, except Cooper still wants
nothing to do with the leash - talk about stubborn.  They weigh 4.2lbs
and 4.7lbs (Cooper is the chubby one).  They have more energy every
day.  This morning Apolo decided to redecorate.  He spent about 20
minutes moving his bed from the base of the couch out into the middle
of the room.  Then they both hopped into it and went to sleep.  I will take
some pictures of their new look and send them to you.  
Pam - Brookline,

I really appreciate you both putting up with all our questions:)  And thank
you sooo much for letting us see everything, that was really awesome!  
You have a really nice thing going there.  We decided on Lila for Mandy's
new name.  And she was a big hit when we got home.  She made herself
at home with no problems.  Running around and chasing Dylan in the
yard.  She did really well!  I just put her down for the night.  She feel
asleep in my arms, so I thought I best get her to bed before she woke up
to play:)  She is a real doll.
Dana - Leroy, KS

Good morning!  She is wonderful!! Worth every penny.  But we renamed
her Mousse as once we got her, she has such a huge personality and is
so full of beans that the little girl name didn't seem to fit!  I'll keep you
posted!  She is ruling the roost!  She runs up and plays with or runs after
the big dogs and is bossing the cats (that are used to being in charge)
around!  She goes outside and runs and gets the biggest stick and drags
it around!  Plus, white chocolate mousse is one of our favorite dessets
here- white, light and fluffy!  She is just perfect and getting plenty if
attention!  We are excited that her brother will be close by (4 minutes
Molly - Milwaukee, WI

Hi Carol!!!!!
Oh my god he is everything like you said he would be. I am so sorry I
didn't get back to you earlier, we were stuck in such traffic and then we
took him to get him a little bed and to show him to my dad. I am so in
love with him. He is an absolute sweet heart. The entire ride home he
was playing and licking me and just so happy. I just got home and i
believe he is tired, he is sleepy.  My dad already started to love him.  
Carol you were right he has the most precious eyes. I really do love him
a lot.  When i got to him his crate that you sent him in was clean, it was in
good condition from what I saw. As soon as I opened the cage he
jumped out and started smelling me. Carol i cant believe he is here with
me, I really do love him a lot already.  Once again thank you so much for
this amazing gift you have given me!
Shanta - Jackson Heights, NY

Carol, Hi!  In the airport I stopped to go to the ladies room before we left
and John was holding her.   She was wrapped in a blanket and one of
the security guards asked John to see the baby. She started laughing
when she saw her thinking that what was wrapped in the blanket was a
baby.  Other people smiled when they saw that I was carrying her.  On
the way home from the airport she sat on my lap all the way home. She
was very good.   She was very happy and she was licking my face
constantly. She also wanted to go to John's lap but he was driving and
couldn't hold her.  He found her very beautiful. When I got home I took
Allie out to the back yard and she did her business right away and then I
let her loose in the family room. She ate a little bit.  While I went upstairs
into the kitchen to get her water she started whining a little bit. Once she
saw me, she was okay.  I gave her some toys and she follow me from
one room to the other.  She is tired. I put a pillow on the floor and a
blanket on top of it and she went under the blanket  and  is sleeping right
now.  Carol, Thank you for letting me have one of your babies.  I got
tears in my eyes when I saw her. I was expecting her to be a little bigger
but I'm not complaining because that is what I wanted a tiny puppy.  She
is also very socialized.  The crate was clean. She didn't go in it at all. She
is wonderful.  I will talk to you later and again, Thank You!  
Carmen -
Bethlehem, PA

Hi Carol,  Took Sammy to the vet yesterday and he was a star!  The vet
praised both Sammy and you.  He is in perfect health and his right
testicle is coming down, but we still have plenty of time.  Sammy and the
cats are trying to come to terms with each other.  When things get a little
too much for the cats, they have already learned to go up high so
Sammy cannot get them.  Sammy is one smart pup!  Already
peeing on the wee-wee pads and sleeping the night without having to go
to the bathroom.  He has been so funny.  Barking at his reflection in the
dishwasher.  We also have a Bambi statue in our garden that Sammy
really barks at.  I think that he thinks it is another dog.  Really quite
funny.  We'll have to video that one:) Well going to go play now.  Just
wanted to give you an update to let you know Sammy is doing really
well.  We love him like crazy!
Take Care,
Connie and family, Randolf, NJ

Hi Carol,  Little Bogie is doing great.  He is the cutest little guy.  He is
sleeping with Amber and loving it.   He has been waking Amber up once
a night needing to go potty.  I've been working really hard with him trying
to get him to use his puppy pads.  I think it has finally paid off (and so
quickly too!).  Yesterday afternoon I had kept trying to get him to potty.  
Finally, I thought well let's see what happens if I let him have the run of
the house.  Without me coaxing him, he went on his pad.  He is very
smart and so loving.   He does not tuck his tail or act afraid.  He already
knows his new name.  He is a curious little guy.  He has to check out
everything.  He likes to be held and loved but he will let you know when
he is ready to get down and run around. You have done a wonderful job
socializing him.  I am so happy I found you on the internet.  Your
puppies and their mommies and daddies are all so friendly and well
taken care of.  You were so right in that he follows me and Amber
everywhere we go.  He is a happy little guy and his tail is always
wagging.  He has never acted like we are strangers and he does not cry
or whine except when he is put in the bathroom.  Thank you for allowing
me to adopt little Bogie -
Pat, Carterville, IL

Carol, Well last night was his first night and he did so good! He played all
day long then around 7pm he fell fast asleep on my chest while me and
the kids watched a Halloween movie. He slept until about 1am then for 2
hours he wanted to run around and play and got all wild! It was fun trying
to spot him in the dark in the middle of a bunch of leaves. We have had
some really nice mild weather so he has been outside a lot running
around in piles of leaves with the kids today!  He has had a few accidents
in the house but most of the time he will go outside when I bring him out.
He is a very smart boy. He had his first vet check today and the whole
office fell in love with him. He weighed 5.5lbs and is a healthy puppy:) He
just woke up from a nap right now. He wasn't too happy about having to
take one but after 2 minutes of whining he fell asleep. He has been
playing hard all day and I know as a puppy he needs to get his rest to
grow right! The kids cant get enough of him. He chases them everywhere
and bites the bottoms of their pant legs. It is just so cute!  He really is the
best dog! You did such a great job with him. Thank you for such an
excellent little guy! He is the perfect addition to our family!!!  I will send
you some pictures of him very soon!  
Lani - Auburn, MA

Carol,  Sadie is wonderful!!!!  She wants to play or cuddle.  She is such a
love.  You would of thought she has been raised here all along.  She is
not nervous or shy about any of us.  You should see her tackle my
grandson.  So adorable!  We love her already, she is a snuggler.  Tianna
held her all the way home, I drive for about 40 minutes of real windy
mountain road, and she never got sick, which is sooo amazing.  Thanks,
so much, I think she is everything I wanted in another coton.  Harly truely
is a tuff girl to follow up on, and Sadie is the perfect one!!!!!!  Thanks so
much, can't wait for Bob to get home from work, he LOVES puppies!!  
Linda - Boulder Creek, CA

Hi Carol,
I just wanted to let you know that we just made it back to oxford safe and
sound. He did so good on the ride, by far the sweetest little puppy I've
ever met. I'm already in love. He never got sick he slept the last hour or
so crawled up on my shoulder. Richard and I both love him.   The Vet
Check went really good, everyone thought that he was very beautiful.
The doctor said that everything look good. Now, we are
just laying in bed watching TV.  He has been the sweetest little guy
and I am so excited to have him! He did play with me for a while on
the floor, so I think he's adjusting just fine. I will send some
pictures as soon as I get some up on my computer. Thanks for
Lindsey & Richard, Oxford, MS

Hi Carol,
Yes, he's fine now. His energy level is great and he's so playful that we
spent some good quality time on his first night and he felt sleep right
away at our guest (now his) room last night with me.  Thanks again for
following up on Bravo's flight to SFO.  Bravo is way beyond adorable and
we feel privileged to have him in our lives. Thank you for breeding such
beautiful and healthy dog, We are going to do the best we can to make
him happy and protected .   
Michael & Judy, San Leandro, CA

You, Mike and the puppies are the best!  The care you take is evident in
both of my boys.  Remy took about ten seconds to decide he was home.  
He slept all night in my arms and we just got back from the vets and she
is in love with both the boys. He already, in less than 24 hours, steals
socks and runs around the yard with Oliver.  I feel so blessed to have
found you and Mike, and while I am sure that there are many excellent
breeders on line, you two represent the best of the best as business
people and breeders.  I am also impressed with your follow up and your
willingness to let us new parents share, ask questions and  to send you
never ending toooooo cute pictures all of which you reply to.  As a
professional myself, I am careful who I refer my patients to, I have no
issue telling anyone interested in a Coton, Maltese or a French Bulldog,
trust yourself to Mike and Carol and you will obtain a quality animal.  You
guys are wonderful and being able to keep in touch and share makes
me happy and feel more of a connection which brought me back for
baby number two.
Julieanna,  Ph.D., Big Fork, MT

Hi Carol,
We made it home and Bella is doing great.  She ran around the yard for
awhile when we got home.  She is beautiful and smells wonderful.  The
cat looked at her and hissed then went off somewhere.  She is everything
you said she was.  She has so much personality.  She had a rope in her  
mouth and my son had the rope in his mouth (tug of war).  He said if
Bella had to use her mouth, it was only fair for to use his mouth!!! How
cute.  He is in love with her and said it was the best gift he ever got.  I
asked my husband on a scale of
1-10 what he rated Bella and he said a 10.  Have a good  night and I will
talk to you tomorrow.  
John and Anne, Portsmouth, RI

Hi Carol,
Krissy and I are doing great!!  She has the potty thing down pat.  Always
rings her bell.
I am sending you some pictures, see the attachment above.  They aren't
as good as the ones you took, but you can see her.  She has her own
swimming pool and uses it almost every day,sometimes 3-4 times a day.
Let me know what you think about our girl!  Talk soon.....Diane & Krissy,
Diane, Mt. VIew, MO

Hi Carol,
Just wanted to drop you  a note about Lexie. We still love her.  She's got
potty training down really good.  When I'm gone for a long time, I put her
in my bathroom, it's been months since she's had an accident.  So she's
got that down good, especially when she knows she's getting a "treat"!  
She's still not jumping onto the couch yet, I'm really surprised cause I
thought with Kenzie around, it would encourage her to do it early.  She
jumps up, but not onto!  So we're still picking her up, and she lets us
know when she wants in our laps.  roo-roo.   She was groomed and
clipped last month, I didn't really like it, so I'm letting her hair grow out a
little longer, she just looks better with longer hair and it goes with her
personality.  Take care,
Jennifer, Chandler, TX

Hi Carol,
The trip home went fine. Tulea did not get sick, even once. She was great
in the car. She is already a spoiled little girl. Brenda decided to keep
Tulea as her name. We will send some pictures as she is growing up so
you can see her change. Thanks again for getting us our little girl. Thank
you so much for loving her and showing her what love is - it shows in her.
Greg & Brenda, Ringgold, GA

Hi Carol,  
The weekend went so well!  John is as in love with Clara as I am and she
has been such a quick learner and a sweetheart!  My mom met her last
night and just melted when she saw her.  We are back in Chicago as of
yesterday afternoon and she is getting used to her new environment
here.  We have a small grassy front yard that she has been running
around in.  I work from home so it will be easier for me to potty train her,
plus I can play with her throughout the day, which is good for both of us.  
I'm having trouble finding the cable that connects my camera to my
computer to upload photos but we have a bunch of good ones from the
weekend, so keep an eye out for those!  I saw on your website that
Palmer and Tulea have also found homes....what great news!  I can see
why this breed is so popular!  Clara is such a good little girl...and boy
does she love playing with toys!  We are just so happy to have her in our
lives!  Thanks again for everything and I will definitely be in touch with
those photos.  
John & Alexis, Chicago, IL

Dear Carol,
Just a quick update on Mya. Everything is going wonderful. She is an
absolute doll, and has a great personality, she is getting along with our
lab Putney very well and with our outside cat Kitty. She has had no
accidents in the house at all yet. But that maybe that she is with someone
all of the time. We are ringing the bell by the door whenever we go out.
She has a few whines at bedtime for about twenty minutes but settles
down after that and Putney has been laying next to her crate on Mia's
bedroom floor, which is realy cute to see. She slept through till eight
o'clock this morning. I ended up buying her the black wire crate that she
can see out off and so far so good!!  We had our vet visit this morning and
that went well. We were sitting in the waiting area and Mya was on Mia's
lap when one of the doors opened and out came a St Bernard weight of
about 130lbs and Mya began to growl at him, it was the funniest thing
and Mia said Mya girlfriend your as big as one of his paws! She also has
a car seat, in the front passenger seat of my car and we went to Lowes
this afternoon and she wasn't car sick at all.  I will forward some pictures
as soon as they are on the computer, many thanks again.  Yours  
and Mia, High Ridge, MO

Carol, Sophie has arrived. They called while I was en route to the airport.  
The clerk said she was so excited and could she let her out of the crate.  I
said of course, and when I arrived she was jumping around happy to see
everyone, she gave a million kisses.  She is beautiful and so adorable.  I
can tell she is really smart and I will have to work hard to stay in control.  
Thanks again for this sweet little baby!  She learns very quickly and has
such love for everyone!  Sophie is just perfect!  She is exactly what you
told me she would be and more.  You have raised one very adorable
and hearty pup.  She is very smart and oh, so very happy!  Take care,
talk to you later.  
Jodi, Phoenix, AZ

The joy that you have brought to this family..I can't put into words..Just
believe me when I say that Jagger & your loving ways has added 100
more years to my Mom & Dad's life.   I can't express the thanks for all this.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If I ever come across anyone
who if looking for a dog, your name will be mentioned.   I will
recommend you highly.  Here are a few pics from that day.   By the way,
some pics were labeled Monti, but we decided to keep Jagger.  He
arrived clean as a whistle, a little wobbly but smelling like a bed of
roses.  I would like to keep in touch with you & and Jagger's brothers and
sisters so I can give you updates.  If you like to you can send whomever
you sell his brothers & sisters to my email.  All My Best  
Emilio, Elmsford,

Oh Carol,
Daisy is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable little baby in the world. She
was fine when we got her. She jumped out of her cage and was ready to
engage with everyone. We went back to Amy’s house and the kids
played with her inside and outside. The neighbors all showed up couldn’t
believe how precious she is. No shyness; went to anybody who called
her; and ran all over the yard.   We are now back at my house. She is in
her bed and is taking a nap.  There were massive amounts of love
floating around her today.
Get back with you
- Susan, Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Carol,
I hope all is well and this reaches you in good health and spirits.  I have
been thinking about you and wanting to email. I'm so glad you are
keeping in touch.  Zia is wonderful. The first week was quite the
adjustment for everyone. Now she is really feeling like she is home and
growing up so fast. I take her to the vet on Wednesday and the groomers
on Thursday. She has filled up my life. Robbie is in love and the my
daughter is taking such nice care of her. Zia has been really good for
her. To have this experience of caring for someone other than herself.
What a special gift she is for all of us.  We have been having so much fun
with her. She is so sweet. She is now part of the family.  Thank you for all
of the love you gave Zia, I can feel it when I am with her. She is very
loved.  Please enjoy the photos.  Much love, Krsangi and family
Krsangi, Pacific Palisades, CA

Hi Carol,
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to come and personally pick
up my puppy, Rudy. Your family was so gracious and it is so obvious that
all three of you are totally devoted to your dogs and the puppies. I was
very impressed with your set up and how each of you have your daily
routine in caring for the dogs. I enjoyed meeting all of your moms and
dads and especially all of the puppies. Seeing how your family takes
care of them, I know that they are in the best hands. I have to tell you that
I have done some research and have found that anyone licensed with
the USDA is a breeder that I want to buy a puppy from. Rudy came
home so well socialized! He gets handed back and forth between
several small children constantly. My friends bring their children over to
visit and they actually fight over Rudy. We have to set time limits for each
of them.If you ever need a reference please feel free to ask. I have also
referred friends of mine that may be interested. I know that buying a
puppy online carries a risk but I was very comfortable with you from the
start. I was not disappointed. I also appreciated how you sent me
updated pictures of Rudy throughout the entire 8 weeks of his life before
I picked him up. I will stay in touch as Rudy grows up.
Thank you so much!!!  One happy dog owner
- Terry, Victoria, MN

Hi Carol!
I hope you don't mind but I renamed him "Joey". When he came out of
the pet carrier for the first time completely shaking and trembling I said,
"Joey" and he looked up at me with the most gorgeous eyes....my heart
melted. It was love at first sight!  His flight was actually about 30 minutes
late so I was waiting for a while. I think the man that handled the pet
carrier felt so sorry for him after looking inside that he cut the zip ties for
me and encouraged me to coax him out while he got the paperwork
ready for me to sign. He nestled right into my arms and quickly stopped
shaking. I signed for him and carried him out. As the sliding doors closed
I heard most of the workers inside "awww" as I made it to my car (you
were right!).  We came home and after having a small accident in the
living room I showed him the puppy training pad I had gotten for him. I
couldn't believe it but while we were playing he dropped his toy duck and
went straight for the pad again and relieved himself! I told you he was a
good boy! He's so amazing Carol.  Thank you again for everything that
you've done to help me and this BEAUTIFUL puppy come together. I'm
sure you must be getting tired of hearing me say it but I really couldn't
thank you enough. I'm actually very excited to take him to the vet
tomorrow for his first appointment (the ladies there won't have a chance
either!!) and to hear the vet confirm how great I already know he is. I will
let you know tomorrow after our appointment and will probably have
more pictures for you. Again, thank you for raising the most amazing
puppy I have ever met!!!!
- Minh, Carrollton, TX

I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy.  Marley is doing
great and is very happy in our family. Like I did not know he would be the
biggest surprise when he popped his  precious head out of a Christmas
box to greet Emily & Mary Ellen as they started walking near their gifts
Christmas Morning.  What a Surprise!  He loves is sister Zoe and has
many friends that stop by all the time to see him.  You honestly raise
such beautiful sweet puppies and I thank you for working with me and
my family in choosing the perfect pup such a Marley for us.  Steven has
become very attached as well.  All four of us are loving him up. He and
Zoe sleep together..Cutest thing ever!  " Maybe another one day
soon????"   I will send you some updated pics.  Hope all is well with you
and your family.  Happy New Year! Regards,
- Brandi, Baton Rouge, LA

He is loving the attention. My daughter pretty much wants him all 2
herself. ;) If I tell u he has successfully gone on the wee wee pads
already, would u believe me? Smart Rowdy! We will also be keeping his
name because WE KNOW Y HE GOT HIS NAME LOL. He has met his
match cuz if my teenage boys want 2 play with him. My husband is in
love. ;) We all r. He slept next 2 me in 1 of his beds and not 1 peep. He
was just fine. He snuggled up with the stuff animals and blanket that I
had 4 him and no crying. Amazing. I'm telling u he is what I've been
waiting 4 and he makes us feel that exact same way. Like he has known
us from the beginning. I can tell he was babied. Thank you again 4
letting me adopt Rowdy. Talk 2 u soon.  
Auryn - Roselle, NJ

I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed our new puppy! We all just
adore her. Caroline named her "Princess Lula Belle" and we call her
"LuLu". She is spoiled rotten.  Thank you so much for working with me to
make sure we got just the right puppy for our family.  I could tell the first
time we talked that you love each and every little puppy and you take the
time to get to know them and learn their personalities.  LuLu could not
have been a better fit for our family. She wants to be held all of the time
and gives lots of kisses. Her bark must be just like her mom's because
she sounds just like a bird. Now I know why you call her mom "Squeak"!  
Thanks also for taking pictures of her each week so we could see her
growing. I made a photo album for Caroline that she got Christmas
morning after LuLu jumped out of the box under the tree.   She has had a
very big week.  LuLu made her first trip to our lake house and she did
great. She couldn't swim with our lab but she had fun riding the four
wheelers with the kids!!  We'll keep you updated with pictures.  Thanks
again for all that you did.  
Susannah - Baton Rouge, LA

Just a little doll!  It is so freezing cold here, he doesn't much like going
outside to potty - but we are working on it.  We took him to our vet today
since the cat's yearly appointment was today and she said everything
was "outstanding" - teeth, hair, skin, eyes, nose, temperament,...  no
problems with hernias, his testicles had dropped and his knees checked
out great - she was very pleased!  So are we.  We felt like he really
looked like a "Quincy" so we are keeping his name.  Natalie had
compiled a list of possible names, but none of them seemed to fit him as
well as Quincy.
- Robert and Ami - St. Louis, MO

Carol, Cody is so cute, beautiful baby face, he's going be a perfect
present for Christmas.   Carol thank you.  It's very nice doing business
with you.  You are so professional.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year, we will keep in contact.
- Beny, San Francisco, CA

Hello Carol,
We are enjoying Sophie so much.  She is the best dog ever.  Anyone that
meets her falls in love with her.  She is so perfect.  I have some wonderful
pictures of Sophie so  I will put them in the mail.  
We are so thrilled to have Sophie in our family and am so glad we found
you.  We have had many request for where we got her.  Are you planning
to have any more litters??  Just thought I should know if they ask.  Have
a wonderful holiday.
- Julie, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Carol, Good looking boy.  My daughter just came home and she loves
Baxter.  Baxter is great, everyone wants him.  He is so lovable.  I was
wondering if you would hold Rowdy.  I might get him for my son who just
bought a house.         (Day Two)  Baxter is doing great, he just loves
everyone. -
Susan, Valley Stream, NY

Carol, He is doing very well.  I took pics at the park this weekend and
was going to send them to you tonight.  He has his ears and they are
HUGE!  He's a full blown Frenchie and very stubborn and mischievous.
He wakes me up every morning at 5:30 on the dot!  He knows all the
dogs in the neighborhood and strangers come up to us and tell us they
have heard of him.  He's great!  I will send you pics tonight!
- Stef and
John, New York, NY

We just love him!!!!!  Bob said he didn't land until 1:00 ish.  After I talked
to you my neighbor stopped by to meet him and of course she fell in love
with that little guy.  He is now fast a sleep on Bob's lap.  He'll probably
sleep for a while as he's had a very busy day!  I took Oscar to the original
vet that I planned on.  What a difference, he is great!  He said you really
took good care of Oscar and he was impressed with all of his shots.  He
also said this breeder must care very deeply for her pups.  I told him, yes
she does, and we email everyday as she has become a dear friend!  
Thanks again
- Bob and Jan, Fairport, NY

Hello there,
We have fallen head over heels for Sophie.  She is such a good puppy.  
We are so glad to have her in our family.  The girls loved visiting your
home.  What a great experience. Thank you for showing them the new
puppies too. I thought nothing of the bee run.  I would have done the
same thing.  You are too funny.  I will send picture soon.  Sophie is still
taking it all in and staying close and quiet.  She loves to chase the girls
and loves to be outside.
We are enjoying her tons!!!!!
- Julie, Indianapolis, IN

Hi Carol,
I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful baby.  My mom was so
elated today, she couldn't stop admiring Roco's beauty.  When I picked
him up from the airport, he was the center of attention.    People kept
inquiring about the Coton breed and the lady at the parcel center even
commented that she wanted to take him home for herself.   I was telling
your husband how the pictures did not do him justice.  Please don't get
me wrong, I knew from the pictures that he was a beautiful puppy, but
seeing him person was an experience of its own.  His gentle, playful
personality make him lovable beyond words...and pictures for that
matter.  Price is not important, but I truly feel I got more than my money's
worth.   Thank you very much Carol.  BTW -  please tell Oscar that Roco
is in good hands. Sincerely
- Eric, Riverside, CA

Hi Carol,
Oh Carol, they are just precious!!  Even more darling than I thought they
would be!  They are a lot smaller too and their hair is simply gorgeous.  
They both seem very socialized and love to give kisses.  I don't believe
Maltese were this sweet, or maybe it's just these two dogs are the
sweetest things I have ever been around.  I am so happy with them.
Thanks for raising such wonderful puppies.  I don't think I could have
found two any better dogs anywhere.  They are just the best!!!  
- Susan,
Mexico, MO

We just wanted to let you know that we thank you for everything you've
done for us.  From the first phone call I could tell that you were different
from other breeders.  You seemed to have a real knowledge and care for
your pups.  We will definitely keep you up to date and when she gets
here.  I hope everything is good your way and again thank you for
everything.     -
Tom and Sayra, Crawfordville, FL

Hey just wanted to let you know we are home and she is doing just great
she is running around with my girls like shes been here forever, they just
love her, she is sooooo sweet.  She never got sick at all and she was
awake most of the time coming home.  I took her into petsmart to get her
some things and everyone that saw her just loved her.  I will keep in
touch with you and when we get some pics I will send them to you.  It was
so funny when I took her out of the crate at the airport, we had a friend
with us, she looked right at him and barked twice.  Not even a mess in
the crate or nothing.  Thanks again for the wonderful new addition to our
family.  I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for an adorable
puppy.  Be talking with you.  Take care. -
Debbie -  Titusville, PA

Dear Carol,
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping make this year a very
special Christmas.  Joey completely surprised me on Christmas morning
with the puppy.  I had absolutely no idea about him.  Joey did a great job
of surprising me.  He had hidden a present under the bed and told me to
open it.  Inside was a scrapbook filled with pictures of the dog and the
emails between you two setting it up.  We decided to call him Turbo and
he seems to have adapted to it well.  He is doing great.  He came with us
everywhere on Christmas day, he was a hit!  I just absolutely adore him.  
Thanks so much.  We have sent you some pictures.  Thanks again....he's
the best!  -
Allison, Louisiana

Hi Carol,
He is so sweet.  He was quiet all night and is so loving and sweet.  He is
an awesome puppy.  Anyhoo...thanks again for the great puppy.  He is
everything I wanted and more.  -
Erica, Missouri

He is perfect, I love him.  He is riding in a stretch limo!!  When we got
picked up, everyone thought he was a movie star.  Jeff instantly fell in
love with Jake and is delighted with him.  After dinner tonight he said to
me how perfect he is with Maxine and how great a dog he is (he really is
a sweetheart - I think he is even sweeter than Maxine which is saying a
lot!!!)  Thanks again for the wonderful gift, we will keep you posted with
pics and notes.  You are very nice people to deal with.  Please feel free to
use us as a reference.  He is still the sweetest dog I have ever met.  -
Mark, California

Hi Guys,
He did wonderful, even on the trip home.  He is so well behaved, I can't
believe it.  You guys did a great job with him, thank you.  Last night he
started to cry a little bit, so I put him in the bed with us and he was fine.  I
will keep you updated as he grows up and send you some pictures.  We
named him Leo.  -
Michelle, Tennessee

Zoe is amazing!!  She's so gentle and sweet.  I can tell she's been given
a lot of love and attention.  She especially loves my son.  She licks him
everywhere and follows him around the house.   -
Mia, Florida

Hi Carol,
She is perfectly gorgeous...she's playing, giving kisses, jumping on
everyone...she is so sweet...we love her.  Thank you so much.  I will send
pictures.  -
Michele, Florida

Hi Carol,
Max is adorable.  He is eating well, but does not like to be left alone.  
You were right...he loves to cuddle.  We are having so much fun with
him.  Thanks again, and we will talk to you later.  -
Renee, New Jersey

We've been enjoying Gracie.  She sure is a cutie pie that just steals your
heart.  Jasmine loves her, she spoils her so much that when she goes to
school Gracie cries for her.  I'll send you some pictures as soon as I can.  
Michelle, New Mexico
Retired Maggie