Our Kennel in Peace Valley
Our kennel is located just a short walking distance from our home.  Since our whelping house only has doggy
doors on the north side, we can comfortably accommodate 5 mothers.  It is just not safe for weaning pups on
the south side to have access to doggie doors.  The second house is home to our other adults.  The houses
are heated and cooled.    The dogs live in  their spacious 6 x 6  x 8 indoor house with a doggy door leading to
a 10' dog run outside.  All dogs, inside and out, live on concrete floors that are cleaned and sanitized 3 times
a day.  My dogs are bathed, combed and pampered.  Since I spend a lot of my time with them, I have
installed a TV in the kennel for them (okay for me too).

Our outside runs are 5 x 20 and are partially covered.   

Not only do my dogs have spacious living quarters, they are not just "allowed", but demand to be out of their
pens to run free for extra exercise.  It is their routine and they love it.  During the rainy, muddy season, my
Cotons usually come back needing an immediate bath.  

Proudly, we are USDA and State inspected and certified.